We are now offering programming skills for small and big ambitions

Whatever you do big or small, do it well, for a lower cost and competitive price in our offshore outsourcing network. You will get help to achieve your targets, while we are keeping eyes on your quality of design and content. We will be famously economical and effective.

We develop

Adkarma Offshore Outsourcing Group is staffed by many experienced and highly skilled developers and designers. Our team can develop and deploy a variety of fast, hassle-free solutions for all budgets. We stand ready to assist you with:

iOS programming

Create app's for iOS

JAVA programming

Use our skilled Java developers

Other programming

Develop in HTML5, PHP, C++, C#

Android programming

Create app's for Android


Create corporate animations and videos

DTP & Printing

Offshore DTP. Print books, posters, labels, t-shirt.

Why connect with Adkarma?

Famously economical and effective

Adkarma is an Offshore and Outsourcing Group dedicated for startup projects, entrepreneurs, local and international corporations. We are based in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe.

We will rank among the best programming and multimedia outsourcing services. 

We operate a friendly, professional service and with an attitude to provide the best quality services at best possible cost. Years of experience in production and advertising on the Scandinavian and European market, make the content uniquely detail-driven, and the problem solving exceptional. 

We continue to break new ground in creative offshore and outsourcing experience across every platform and create lasting consumer connections.

  • Experienced and handpicked developers

  • Local communication in your language

  • Huge economical benefits

The process

Adkarma delivers whatever level of services you need

Simple briefing

<p>1. Brief us on your project. We are ready to meet clients in person or meet you online.</p>


2. When we have received necessary materials and signed all formalities, we approach our network to give you an tailor made solution and best price possible. The development begins, after you've accepted the deal.

Solid results

3. Adkarma wants everybody to be satisfied. This is how our karma works. We will ensure the quality are excellent before deadline.

Offshore not only makes your marketing a lot more effective it also saves you money.

We serving advertising agencies and many other media companies and their customers. Do not limit your creativity by small budgets anymore.

Let's give you a kick-start. If your budget is low or the project too risky, than outsourcing is valuable for you.
We can also offer a creative sparring, concept and text work.

We ensure to deliver projects as you planned and desired, no surprises or misunderstandings. The only difference is the cost which is lower, than in your own country.

Our clients gets the best prices one the market. While, our developers are well paid on their competitive local market. We call it WinWin or Karma.

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Manager - Coordinator

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